MQS Security offers a wide variety of high quality gates, swinging gates, sliding gates, automatic barriers (boom gates) and gate operators suited to any environment, creating solutions for our customer’s needs.

We deliver a quality range of automation system from top leading manufacturer. The Installation is backed by 12months to 3years warranty to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

With gate automation and entry control system constantly evolving we strive to fit the highest quality systems to ensure the best possible product and the highest level of security. We offer a free consultation in order to ensure our customer needs and budget.

Swinging gates

When considering the option of a swinging gate it is important to consider the size of the gate and its movement or operation area. A single swinging gate can be as large as 3 meters wide or up to 6 meters as a double swing with its operation area normally 90 degrees inward.

Sliding Gate

Sliding gates are an ideal automation option, especially when a swing gate is not possible. We would recommend a sliding gate where space is limited in some way, or the area is required for parking. Sliding gate require storage area. This is the area that the gate slides into when it is in the open position, making the movement area and the entrance area double the size of the actual gate. Sliding gate require a level ground upon which to slide however with the right type of sliding gate operator a slight slope is acceptable.

Sliding gate motors are designed to neatly fit behind existing walls or fences, without compromising space within your property.

Cantilever Gate Systems

The Cantilever Gate System is a very effective solution to a gate entrance where a smooth entryway is favoured. This sliding gate system does not use a track, but a carriage -based system instead. We provide, install, and service all parts and accessories connected to the Cantilever Gate System.

Boom Gates

Boom gates are a low security option for wide entrances that require a controlled quick opening boom gate to regulate or control traffic flow through an entrance. Boom gates come in a wide range of widths and opening speeds.

Access Control Systems

Remote control- Transmiters

Audio/ Video entry control,Proximity card sensor and coded keypad,Magnetic card reader and key switch, Photo beam.